Assessment of Public Schools Drops

We’ve had a lot of discussion on these pages about the quality of education in our state and many of our communities. Now a new survey says that public assessment of schools has fallen to its lowest level in nearly three decades.

According to a recently released Education Next poll put out by the Hoover Institution, public assessment of schools has fallen to the lowest level recorded since Americans were first asked to grade schools in 1981. Just 18 percent of those surveyed gave schools a grade of an A or a B, down from 30 percent reported by a Gallup poll as recently as 2005.

No less than 25 percent of those polled by Education Next gave the schools either an F or a D. (In 2005, only 20 percent gave schools such low marks.)

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One Response to “Assessment of Public Schools Drops”

  1. Mr Reality says:

    I can tell you that from my experience, that what is bringing down the Dearborn Schools is not no the lack of quality teachers, but the lack of respect given to the female teachers (which are the majority) by today’s students. Boys who are not taught by parents to respect authority, no matter what gender become disruptive to the class. We moved out of Dearborn because of the experiences of our kids from supposedly one of the best elementary schools in the city.