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Dearborn, Hyatt to Discuss Ways to Boost Downtown

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Dearborn’s Hyatt Hotel and the West Dearborn Downtown Development Authority’s (WDDDA) marketing committee are scheduled to meet Friday to discuss if there might be a way to offer hotel guests a shuttle service into downtown Dearborn.

Doug Friess, the Hyatt’s director of sales & marketing, approached the WDDDA with the idea back in October. The two are scheduled to meet Friday to determine whether such a connection could be made and how best to implement it in an affordable way.

One idea under consideration is to create a shuttle or trolley service between the hotel and downtown west Dearborn. Perhaps Councilman George Darany might consider putting his trolleys back into service.

A link between the Hyatt and downtown Dearborn is one of those ideas where you scratch your head and say, yes, why didn’t someone think of that sooner? Perhaps at some point a shuttle service could even include guests staying at The Ritz, just down the road from the Hyatt.

We think Mr. Friess might be on to something here and this could be a step in the right direction for our downtown.