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Dearborn Would be Perfect for New Google Network

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Here is something all of us can do that could benefit our city’s Internet connectivity.

In case you missed it, Google announced Wednesday that it would build and test an experimental high-speed fiber optic network that could be available in several communities and reach as many as 500,000 people. The service, 100 times faster than what is available for many users today, could be available as early as next year, according to some news reports.

Consumers in those communities will be able to sign up for the service, which would offer connection speeds of 1 gigabit per second, Google said. Many high-speed home Internet connections operate at less than 10 megabits per second.

The possibility of becoming a city for Google to test its new network has already set off a flurry of interest among consumers and businesses. Residents in West Sacramento, Calif., Houston and Portland, Ore., among other cities, have already set up “Bring Google Fiber” groups on Facebook.

This is where all of us come in. We can submit an application as to why you think Dearborn would be a good testing ground. The application, sent to us by a reader, is pretty short and can be accessed by clicking HERE.