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City of Dearborn Website Gets Makeover

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

The City of Dearborn’s official website now has a new look.

Gone is the clumsy 1990s looking website, replaced now with a site that looks and feels much more progressive.

Dearborn's new website is easier to navigate.

We haven’t run through all of the new features but it is much more intuitive and easier to navigate.

As a way to reduce costs, Dearborn’s IT Department and communications team reached out to the webmaster from the Dearborn Public Schools to help them redesign the new site.

This first collaboration between the city and our schools could lead to other actions where the two sides pool resources to save tax dollars.

Other cost-saving ideas under discussion  include looking at whether combining snow removal, grass cutting and even having a joint newsletter for residents might be more beneficial than the city and school continuing to do each of these separately.

Whether or not any of this is even practical or if it will save money still has to be determined. But the fact the two are  talking is good sign for all taxpayers.