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Darany, Tafelski Make Run for State House Seat

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

On a snowy Monday when schools were closed and others struggled on slippery roads to get to work, Dearborn Councilman George Darany made the trek in his car to the Wayne County offices in Detroit. His mission? File the paperwork to officially become a candidate for the 15th District seat in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Dearborn Councilman Darany announces run for state House seat.

“I wasn’t going to let the weather hold me up,” Darany tells “This was the day I said I would do it and I am out doing it. I want people to know that I am serious about this seat. Anyone else thinking about it will be up against someone who will be very aggressive.”

And so begins the race for the seat of state Rep. Gino Polidori, D-Dearborn, who cannot seek re-election because of term limits.

So far, Darany and Linda Tafelski, a retired schoolteacher, are the only two people to file campaign paperwork for the $80,000 a year job. Like Darany, Tafelski, the mother of Dearborn City Council President Thomas Tafelski, will have name equity in this race.

The decision by Darany to run might seem strange to some as just last month he was sworn in to his first full-term as a City Council member. The reality, however, is this is a perfect time for him to seek the House seat.

Darany was the third highest vote getter in the last election, so he certainly would be carrying some momentum going into the Democratic primary election on Aug. 3. If he wins, he would then run against the Republican Party candidate in the Nov. 2 general election. The House seat is a two-year position and limited to three terms.

And if he doesn’t win, he still retains his seat on the Dearborn City Council.

“This is my time,” said Darany, 53, a lifelong Dearborn resident. “This is the best time for me to run for this seat because it is an open seat. The last three people that held that office held it for six years. I didn’t want to wait another six years for that opportunity to come up again.

“I am going to help Dearborn in one capacity or another. Either way, I can help. Certainly, in Lansing I can even do more.”

You can bet that David W. Bazzy will be cheering that Darany lands a seat in Lansing. Bazzy finished eighth in his first run for a Dearborn City Council seat, just 548 votes behind Councilwoman Nancy Hubbard who squeaked into the final and seventh council seat. If Darany leaves for Lansing, Bazzy would move onto council and serve out Darany’s term.

Tafelski tells the Dearborn Times Herald that she believes her educational background makes her a perfect fit for the job. She told the paper her primary campaign platform will be jobs through education.

“Because of the funding problems for our schools that were brought about by Lansing and my educational background, I felt it was a natural fit and, even bigger, I felt it necessary to do my part,” Tafelski told the Dearborn Times Herald.

Darany. Tafelski. So far we have two. Who else might throw their hat in? With less than six months to go until the primary, the clock is ticking.