Filming for New Movie Begins in Dearborn May 10

We told you last week about the new movie being filmed in Dearborn called Salvation Boulevard, adapted from Larry Beinhart’s novel of the same name. Well, Dearborn is finally making it official with press releases being issued by both the City of Dearborn and the West Dearborn Downtown Development Authority letting all of Dearborn know where some of the filming will actually take place.

Below is what the City of Dearborn and the West Dearborn DDA issued in an e-mail today:

The Ford Community and Performing Arts Center is making its mark in the film industry.

The Hubbard Ballroom, the theater, gym and ancillary space have been rented as filming locations for Salvation Boulevard starring Pierce Brosnan and Ed Harris. It is a Mandalay Independent production.

The Ford Community & Performing Arts Center is one of several Dearborn locations filming will occur.

Patrons to the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center may be slightly impacted by the shooting at the Center during the week of May 10.  Alternate entry-exit points will be available during the shooting.

George Ratcliff is the screenwriter and director of this comedy thriller based on the Larry Beinhart book about a private investigator whose very soul is put to the test as he searches for the real killer of a college professor. 

Other shooting locations around the city include Miller’s Bar, Ghafari, the University of Michigan-Dearborn and the Ritz Carlton.  The film crew will be in town for about 28 days and will be heavily using local businesses.

Other stars signed on to this production include: Jennifer Connelly, Marisa Tomei, Greg Kinnear, Jim Gaffigan, Yul Vazquez, Cindy Chu and Michael Maurice. welcomes your views and encourages lively -- but civil -- discussions. Comments are unedited, but submissions reported as abusive may be removed.

6 Responses to “Filming for New Movie Begins in Dearborn May 10”

  1. Khalida Cook says:

  2. Dave Bowman says:

    Hot pocket!

  3. Chest Rockwell says:

    After entering the Ford Center this week, I can see why movies are so expensive. There must have been hundreds of crew there, half of whom were doing pretty much nothing.

    I got a kick out of seeing the “3rd Church of the Millennium” on the facade of the building though. It took me a minute to realize what was going on.

  4. Chest Rockwell says:

    And btw, apparently Unity Studios, that glorious Allen Park production that put Dearborn to shame, is apparently about to be ‘evicted’.

  5. keep it local says:

    I was having dinner the other night at Kiernans Steak House and noticed Pierce Brosnan eating at the booth right next to me. I said something to one of the owners (Pat Kiernan) and he said Brosnan and some others have been in a number of times the last couple weeks. Nice to see them in Dearborn. And seeing them dine at Kiernans, a Dearborn landmark for over (I think) 40 years!

  6. Dominic says:

    Glad to see the Performing Arts Center used for something! What a joke that is – another Guido flop. Why is the city in the entertainment business? Try paying cash for a ticket at that place and then have the show cancelled and try to get your money back! No such luck – you have to track down the promoter and get the money from him. What a joke.