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Take Dearborn Artspace Survey through Jan. 4

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

We have written here a few times about Artspace and the work the East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority (EDDDA) is doing with this organization to perhaps bring affordable living and work space for artists to Dearborn.

Well, we all can help in this project by spreading the word to anyone within a 50 mile radius of Dearborn. The bottom line is if this project even has a remote chance of taking place in our city, we need people to take the survey at  The survey can be taken from now through Jan. 4, 2011 – and it only takes 10 minutes to complete.

Below is from the EDDDA, requesting our help:

At the request and on behalf of the EDDDA, who has partnered with Artspace projects (a national nonprofit developer) to study the space needs of the creative community in Dearborn and the surrounding Detroit Metro area, we’re reaching out to YOU to assist in the development of affordable new spaces where artists may live, work, and pursue their art as well as space where organizations and business can exhibit, perform, rehearse, teach, create, and conduct business in Dearborn .

If you’re an artist (or you know an artist) working in any discipline (graphic design, sculpting, dance, music, writing, fashion design, painting, theater, crafts, etc), you need to participate in this survey. The results will help Artspace developers understand the living, studio and business space preferences for the creative community in metro Detroit , and demonstrate to funders how important new space is to artists and organizations in the region.

And if you’re not an artist but work with a cultural arts organization or business that serves the creative community (coffee shops, art supply and paint stores, galleries, theater companies, book stores, publishers, design firms, social service organizations, etc), your two cents are wanted too!

So how do you take the survey? Go to between now and Jan. 4, 2011

Please be sure to pass this email along and tell your friends and colleagues about these surveys.