East Dearborn Holiday Open House Dec. 15

Is it just us or does the East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority (EDDDA) seem to be more active than the West Dearborn Downtown Development Authority (WDDDA)?

Between EDDDA’s outdoor jazz concerts this year, the work being done with Artspace to try and bring affordable living and work space for artists to Dearborn and the work the EDDDA has done to promote businesses in its area such as taste “The World in a Mile,” it just feels more active than the WDDDA.

Now the EDDDA Board of Directors is inviting all to their Holiday Open House Wednesday, Dec. 15  from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.  at the EDDDA office located at 13750 Michigan Ave., 2 blocks west of Schaefer.

Last year, more than 100 people visited their inaugural Holiday Open House. Among the many attendees were district merchants and residents, business partners, stakeholders and City of Dearborn officials.

EDDDA spokeswoman Melissa Kania says it’s a great opportunity for guests to connect with the EDDDA and learn what they do and what they can do to help support and promote their businesses and the East Dearborn downtown area.

Visitors  will enjoy tasting ‘the world in a mile’ with food from several of the diverse restaurants in the neighborhood, Kania says.

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7 Responses to “East Dearborn Holiday Open House Dec. 15”

  1. milan says:

    Where is the Chambers pretty girl Jennifer at? Oh I forgot she only wants to get involved when something is going on in the West End — shouldn’t show your bias this way, afterall the E.Dbn. merchants are members of the Chamber also, and they are taking notice.

  2. bep says:

    Well, besides the rats the East side is starting to look better than the West. They don’t have nearly as many empty store fronts or a soup kitchen on that end of Michigan Ave. Where are the people who represent the West side? It is quite disturbing to go Downtown Dearborn.

  3. Johnny Christmas says:

    It’s a wonder we don’t have mass suicides in this town. There are so many negative comments here, I have a hard time believing that severe depression isn’t an epidemic in Dearborn.

    A person can’t do anything in this town without a half dozen anonymous people piping up with how horrible that person/that person’s idea/Dearborn is.

  4. cloe says:

    Where is the WDDDA located? Is there one?

    I know that they used their money for the funding of the parking structures.

    The West side, in my opinion, has always looked down at the East side even though it is the same city.

    Well, I guess the East side will get the final laugh!!!!

    As far as the Chamber goes, they decided that it was a great idea to move from the East side to a West library basement. The only promoting I ever see them doing are parties and breakfast that they charge for.

    If you want to try a great new restaurant, go to the new Mexican restaurant on Schaefer just South of Warren call Fuegos! The atmosphere is beautiful, the food is delicious, the prices are wonderful and they have free parking to boot. The best part is that they opened without the help of a preferred developer.

  5. Michael D. Albano says:

    Upon reading this I made a call to a contact on the WDDDA and this person stated that the WDDDA spends approximately $585,000 of it’s alloted $600,000 per year in tax capture funding on the user paid parking lots and mostly on the 2 parking structures. That doesn’t leave much for anything else.

  6. marge says:

    The pay-parking lots and parking structures – big, big mistake of the city. All rooted in greed! It never leads to prosperity. How can we possibly move forward with this city? Every other town I drive through looks much more vibrant. Never thought I would think Garden City (Ford Road and Middlebelt are) and Taylor (Ecorse Rd and Telegraph) would outshine Dearborn. Its a very sad state of affairs for our great city.

  7. Milwood Fordson says:


    It’s a blog, (“stuff” we want to say) chill out.