Dearborn Parents,Teachers to Protest Budget Cuts

Dearborn parents, teachers and community members are organizing to march on Lansing on April 12 to push back on Gov. Snyder’s proposed budget cuts to schools.

Four buses – provided by the Dearborn PTSA Council – have been reserved and will leave Dearborn School’s Administrative Services Center, 18700 Audette at 9 a.m.

Organizers are asking that attendees pack a lunch and arrive no later than 8:45 a.m. Buses will return from Lansing to Dearborn about 2:30 p.m.

Those interested in attending should email Colette Dunsmore, Dearborn PTSA council president, by Friday, April 8 at

“We want everyone to know up in Lansing that Dearborn is there and that we want to make sure our quality education continues,” said Dunsmore in an email to “Make signs, bring letters to the Governor, have your children write letters for you to bring up with you! WE NEED PEOPLE and lots of them!! So, please spread the word! . . . Let’s make Dearborn proud with the strong support and showing of our people in Lansing on Tuesday, April 12th!”

Separately, Morris Goodman, a Dearborn attorney, past president of the Dearborn Democratic Club, a longtime political activist and observer and regular reader of sent along this column asking “Did you get what you voted for?”

Goodman says that July 1, 2011 cannot come soon enough because that is when Gov. Snyder will have been in office for six months  . . . and a recall can then be started.

His column begins below:

When the polls closed on August 6, 2010 in the Michigan primary election, 34 percent of Republicans voted for the Bill Milliken and Bill Ford endorsed self proclaimed non-ideological nerd Rick Snyder for Governor. Forty-two percent of Democrats voted for the two term moderate Majority leader of the Democratic controlled Michigan House of Representatives Andy Dillon.

How many of those Snyder primary voters thought he would put forward the kind of draconian cost cutting and tax burden shifting agenda he has so far? How many of those Dillon primary voters thought he would not endorse for governor the candidate he lost to, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, and later go to work for the Snyder Administration as Treasurer?

In the first week of April, 2011, just seven short months from that portentous primary, Michigan has enacted, or is about to enact, legislation that was not even contemplated under the 12 years of the very conservative reign of Gov. John Engler, most of which he also had Republican majorities in both House of the legislature. Michigan has entered into the unfortunately clichéd, but true, “uncharted waters” of the radical right and these radicals seem to be just getting started.


On the front page of the New York Times on Tuesday March 29 was an article about Governor Snyder’s decision to sign legislation that as of January 1, 2012 reduces the number of weeks of unemployment compensation for newly unemployed workers from 26 weeks to 20. Michigan with one of the nation’s highest rates of unemployment will now have the nation’s lowest number of weeks for state unemployment compensation benefits. Snyder seems to be completely buying the philosophy articulated in the April 2 Wall Street Journal’s lead editorial which says:

“The jobs recovery gained speed in March – not ramming speed, or cruising speed, but let’s call it chugging along speed……… [However, there is the ] sour note that the percentage of Americans out of work for at least six months increased to 45.5% from 43.9%. The danger here is that the longer these 6.1 million people are out of work, the harder it can be to find it.

“One factor has to be Congress’s decision last year to extend unemployment benefits to 99 weeks, making it easier to hold out for a better job rather than accept one that’s available. This is one more example of false government compassion – like the minimum wage – that harms people in the long run.”

What hogwash. There are at least 5 workers nationally looking for work, more in Michigan, for every job available and a large chunk of those new jobs are at the minimum wage. Do the Snyder voters really believe that the huge number of long term unemployed auto industry workers are shirking jobs because unemployment compensation is available? Do they really believe that the Michigan minimum wage of $7.40 is so high that it is discouraging employers from hiring? I think not.

Moreover do Bill Milliken’s and Bill Ford’s moderate Republican followers and Andy Dillon’s moderate Democratic followers really want, in addition to the decrease in unemployment compensation weeks: (1) the collective bargaining rights of police and firefighters almost completely taken away through the repeal on Public Act 312 and those rights of other state workers severely limited; or (2) pensions taxed like any other income; or (3) giving businesses a $1.8 billion tax break while at the same time essentially cutting the budget of $1.8 billion in “unnecessary spending we can no longer afford; or (4) cutting K-12 funding by $470 per student and lowering aid to Michigan’s universities by 15% or more; or (5) having Emergency Financial Managers very easily appointed with enhanced powers to override the decisions of elected officials and to void collective bargaining agreements. I do not think so.

At the March 30 Dearborn Democratic Club meeting, there was loud and frequent talk of instituting a Recall Campaign against Mr. Snyder and many of his cohorts in the Legislature. I never heard such talk before even during the height of the Engler budget and tax cutting and union bashing years. I believe that Snyder and his Republican colleagues are pursuing an extreme right wing agenda that a significant majority of Michiganders do not want.

Michigan law mandates that a Recall cannot be started against an elected office holder until he has served six months. July 1, 2011 cannot come soon enough for many who thought they were voting for a view of state government that just is not the one that Governor Snyder has.. Be careful what you wish for. Snyder might still be a nerd, but he sure is not the non-ideological nerd his self paid $6 million advertising campaign portrayed him to be. welcomes your views and encourages lively -- but civil -- discussions. Comments are unedited, but submissions reported as abusive may be removed.

12 Responses to “Dearborn Parents,Teachers to Protest Budget Cuts”

  1. 48124 says:

    these are the things that happen when non educated pickup truck driving, shotgun/jesus loving, hillbillies vote completly against their own economic interests based on the illusion that ONE DAY they will all be making millions. Our state is doomed more so by the voters and not by the actual politicians!

  2. Wanting Better for Dearborn says:

    I cannot protest the budget cuts while DPS continues to waste money. Hussein Berry gets on the school board and months later his wife gets a cushy job she is NOT qualified for because it is his wife. She WAS a teacher and got ‘promoted’ to a truancy officer for elementary ed. SEVERAL retired police officers, Wayne County Sheriffs, etc applied but didn’t get the job because they are not married to Hussein.

    Also, they pay the salary of a private fund raising group, the Education Foundation. The previous Director made $5,000a year for the last 20 years and the new executive director makes $70,000 per year. They give his an office in the Superintendent’s complex and they allowed him to run his REAL full time job with PL Marketing out of school facilities.

    Whiston has added positions in his office while cutting teachers, librarians and maintenance staff. Dr Hughes had an assistant to the Superintendent. Period. He has
    Assistant TO the Superintendent and an Assistant Superintendent. Really!

    Until wasteful spend stops, I will NOT support the Schools in any capacity.

  3. dowhat says:

    So what does Mr. Goodman recommend besides recall which is the democrats mantra. Easy to criticize and demonstrate but I haven’t heard one recommendation to help with the budget from the “angry” group. Get real and face the facts of the need to cut spending. The “lush” live is over for many of us.
    Mrs. Berry should be sent back to teaching. What does she know about being a truancy officer.

  4. Diogenes says:

    For all of you people who have your shorts in a bunch, think about this. What are you going to do when the state and city run out of money? How high do you want your taxes to go? Don’t even think of blaming greedy corporations. Without them, where would Ford be? I really don’t think it is to much to ask the teachers to help pay for their health care and retirement like the real world.
    Finally, do not forget, the reason Synder and the republican were voted in is that the rest of the population was and is tired of big spending democrats, and now that they are making changes, a small minority think it is unfair.
    As a democratic politican told me, they just want back in power. They have no adjenda to put this state and city on a sound financial footing.

  5. tdogg says:

    The community’s ability to provide a quality education is the single most important factor in maintaining property values. People will continue to buy those small homes with no driveways if . . . their kids can get a superior education for the money. Its not the retail mix, the police and fire depts., pools or the street cleaning that keeps a city alive and kicking – its the school system.

    I don’t have kids in the system. I have voted and will continue to vote in favor of every school mileage, with pleasure and with acknowledged self-interest.

    As to the flaws of the administration – that’s politics. Just be sure and vote.

  6. Haakim says:

    Couldn’t agree with u more “wanting better 4 dearborn”. Start cleaning your own doorstep, before u want to fight or protest the governor. Keep up the good work Rick Snyder we are willing to stand up for u, because at least u are trying.

  7. MyTwoSenseToo says:


    If we can’t expect our own schoolboard members to play by the rules!
    Then who can we expect to? I am sick of all the cronyism and nepotism that has infected this school district. I will never support any protest that supports the “GREEDY” and not the “NEEDY.” This is not about the children. This is all about greed.

    Wanting Better: Good for you! We need to expose the people that give this district a bad name and stop supporting them. I heard that Mrs. Berry couldn’t get out of her classroom fast enough that she minipulated HR into hiring someone so quickly there was no time to give the employer any notice.

    Shame on you Mr. Hussien Berry!

    Where’s the recall?

  8. Reality Bites says:

    First off there is no spending crisis, there is a revenue crisis. Most of the revenue shortfall is due to declining property values and income loss. The solution is simple quit cutting taxes on corporations . As for this stupid mantra of don’t tax the corporations, great you drank the cool aid. Corporations share of taxable income has been decreasing since the 80’s and their burdens to society have skyrocketed. This entire socialist state exists to protect the capital of corporations. The republican created bank bailout, the military protection of oil tanker trade routes in the Persian Gulf, corn sugar subsidies to food processors, and the entire pharmacological and health care industrial complex is supported by tax dollars. Furthermore indirect subsidies to corporations like wal mart who don’t insure their workers or pay them a living wage so their workers are on Medicare and food stamps. Corporations are not good or bad, job creators or job destroyers they are pieces of paper. So no I am not picking on corporations, I am saying simply what Adam Smith said ” The rate of taxation should be in direct proportion to the amount of protection one recorded from government” So having quoted Adam Smith, Ford should be taxed 100% because they exist only because of government protection. Without the government bailout of GM and Chrylser which guaranteed many Of Ford supply lines and a government guarantee of credit, the free market would have not continued to finance Ford debit. Weeks prior to the bailout Ford stock was in the toilet, so if Ford taxes reverted back to 1993 levels we would all be better off. I for one am sick of paying taxes to support corporations that would never exist in their current state in a free market. Schools are the most important function government provides outside of direct protection. Why cut taxes on corporations and raise them on our children? True conservatives like my self understand the purpose of government, and the protection of limited liability to trans national investors is not it’s primary one. As for the recall of the Governor, Morris Goodman “Get a life”.

  9. Just Asking says:

    The so-called “Limousine Liberals” still don’t get it, do they?

  10. rob says:

    I’m just asking, “Will ‘Just Asking’ please stop with the empty-headed conservative cliches?” I’m certainly no “Limousine Liberal” I’m a city worker who barely gets by with two incomes, two old cars and a home one the poorer east side of town. But as a liberal, I can’t understand how working people in this state consistently vote against theirr best interests and elect a Republican administration who is intent on crushing unions, backing companies who have or will ship good jobs out of state and drive their wages down.

  11. Reality Bites says:

    Anyone who says recalls are the Democratic mantra is factually incorrect. William Clinton was impeached by a republican congress, Califorina Governor Gray Davis recall campaign was spearheaded by republican operatives, Michigan speaker of the house Andy Dillon recall attempt was funded by an out of state Republican interest group. Off the top of my head these are three republican recall campaigns. The purpose of political parties is to maintain and exercise power, everything else is secondary. To say that political maneuvering including recalls, recounts, lawsuits, injections, pressure groups etc is the domain of a single party, simply misunderstands the political process. Any ideas, platforms, campaigns, issues etc supported are simply a means to an end. The end being the maintenance and exercise of power. Political parties do not act out of benevolence or the common good their aims are strictly geared towards self preservation. The purpose of government and political are not necessarily the same.

    Yes the education delivery system is severly dysfunctional in Dearborn,and in Michigan. It is also dysfunctional in most every state,and at a national level. There is plenty of blame to go around. Teachers, parents, students, school boards, vendors are all at fault. This job by Berry’s wife seems fishey

  12. Just Asking says:

    Has the Dearborn Schools superintendent finally moved into Dearborn? Or is he following in the carpetbagger footsteps of his predecessor whatshistaxpayermoneygrabname? Ardis?? Ardis…ACCESS…$$$$