Sale of Dearborn Hyatt Now Official

Royal Realties, LLC, a group of overseas investors, now owns Dearborn's Hyatt Hotel.

It appears the $12.5 million sale of the Hyatt Hotel in Dearborn is finally official. We reported it had been sold back in August on these pages didn’t have the name of the buyer (see earlier story, HERE.)

In a press release issued Friday, HREC Investment Advisors says the purchaser was Royal Realties, LLC, a group of overseas investors.

The sale of the 772 room hotel was handled by Mike Cahill, CEO and founder of HREC.  As the court appointed hotel receiver, Capital Hotel Management was the named seller of the asset acting on behalf of the special servicer. welcomes your views and encourages lively -- but civil -- discussions. Comments are unedited, but submissions reported as abusive may be removed.

5 Responses to “Sale of Dearborn Hyatt Now Official”

  1. Just Asking says:

    A Southfield CPA and attorney named Ieshula r. Ishakis is listed as the head of Royal Realties LLC. The last time I checked Southfield still was in the United States. He also is a performer of Jewish music…/ieshulaishakis-with-neginah-orchestra.html

    Hava Nageelah…

  2. eZ says:

    Just asking: the lawyer you name may and I say MAY cuz not sure (not everything on the internet is true, just saying) says represented the people who purchased a 400 + hotel. He didn’t buy anything. and if you read what deep wrote, he says a group of overseas investors . . . that is plural, which means more than one person.

  3. Vader says:

    It is a group of investors working under the name royal realities, some of the owners own other hotels in Southfield as well, but most of them are from overseas. Deep is correct.

  4. Just Asking says:

    the information I have is from the state website where businesses are required to register…
    it’s a wonderful tool to find out who really owns what ..

  5. Otto says:

    Just Asking,

    That website prints the contact information for the registered agent, not the owner. The registered agent is the person designated to receive legal paperwork for the company, say notification of a lawsuit. Sometimes the registered agent and owner are the same, but most large companies will use someone/something other than the owner as a registered agent. As examples you can search Amway or Meijer.