Future of Dearborn Historical Museum Discussion Sept. 20

What does the future hold for the Dearborn Historical Museum?

On Thursday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. at the McFadden-Ross House acting museum curator Jack Tate will present an informational talk on what the future holds for Dearborn’s museums.

The presentation is presented by the League of Women Voters Dearborn/Dearborn Heights.

Tate, a former chairperson of the Dearborn Historical Commission, was named acting chief curator of the Museum in July 2012. He serves as a volunteer while the Museum transitions into a new business model, a response to the city’s ongoing financial challenges.

Tate will provide an update on the status of the museum and an explanation of how he and the Historical Commission are managing its daily operations in the wake of the city of Dearborn slashing the museum’s budget and eliminating its full-time curator and another part-time employee.  Attendees will hear about not only immediate plans for the museum but also what the future might hold for one of the city’s beloved treasures.

Parking is available immediately behind the museum. There is also a parking lot north of the Museum within a short walking distance. The museum is located at 915 S. Brady St. just north of Michigan Ave.

Simple refreshments will be served. Please call the League of Women Voters office at 313-278-6476 for more information.

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2 Responses to “Future of Dearborn Historical Museum Discussion Sept. 20”

  1. edward says:

    this museum has alot of history, my father used to sit with lizzie mcfadden and speak with her when he was in high school,my grandmother used to make lye soap when they did there fundraisers, i think that the city should hold more historical events to get the whole city involved then they can charge a smalll fee for the use why should the city just help support the henry ford museum.. take a look at fort wayne it is finally starting to generate income.

  2. mdalbano3701 says:

    The Dearborn Historical Museum and McFadden-Ross Museum are city icons and house outstanding resources about the history of Dearborn. It saddens me to see that while the city is cutting funding for these much needed and beloved gems, city leaders are spending $3.2 million for a new city hall, and perhaps a few million more to retrofit it to accommodate their own self-serving new city hall monument! Meanwhile, citizen utilized facilities like small outdoor pools, the Snow Library and more are being closed. Makes my stomach turn…