Do American Public Schools Stink? Not So says Author

The biggest crisis facing public education is the relentless message that public education is in crisis, so says education historian Diane Ravitch in a new book that is out this week.

If you haven’t yet read the article about the book on, it is worth a read.

Ravitch argues that “corporate reformers” and “privatizers” have a vested interest in making it sound like teachers and schools are failing so they’ll be invited to run their own schools or sell educational technology at a profit.

It is an interesting thesis.  Here is the story on

Do American public schools really stink? Maybe not

The drumbeat is hard to miss: Our schools are failing. Public education is in crisis. Our students are falling further and further behind.

The rhetoric comes from the left and right, from educators and politicians and lobbyists and CEOs and even Education Secretary Arne Duncan. The deep dysfunction of our public schools is said to threaten not only America’s economy but also its national security.

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