Curbside Yard Waste Collection Ends Dec. 8-12

Collection of yard waste at Dearborn residents’ curbs ends for the season the week of Dec. 8-12.

Yard waste collection begins again the week of March 16, 2015.

Yard waste includes grass clippings, weeds, leaves, shrubs and brush trimmings.

It does not include fruits or vegetables or animal droppings.

Put yard waste into yard waste paper bags or your own 20 – 32 gallon container. Mark your container with a yard waste sticker. Stickers are available free at Dearborn libraries and the Dearborn Administrative Center.

Do not use plastic bags or cardboard boxes.

Private contractors must haul away their own debris. Do not blow or sweep yard waste into the street.

Unbundled or improperly bundled brush requires a special pickup. Call 943-2433 for fees. welcomes your views and encourages lively -- but civil -- discussions. Comments are unedited, but submissions reported as abusive may be removed.

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