Frida Mexican Cuisine Now Open in West Dearborn

Dearborn’s newest Mexican restaurant is now open for business.

Frida Mexican Cuisine, 22053 Michigan Ave. in downtown West Dearborn, officially opened its doors today. We first wrote about the business coming to Dearborn back in April.

Owner Ricardo Gutierrez tells that Thursday’s opening is part of a soft ramp-up to the restaurant’s grand opening in a couple of weeks.

Frida will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is served all-day beginning at 8 a.m. Hours are Sunday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday until 2 a.m., to catch Dearborn’s bar crowd. Gutierrez says his restaurant will have a full bar in December.

Those who visit the restaurant for lunch in September will receive complimentary soft drinks, Gutierrez says.

Dearborn's newest Mexican restaurant, Frida, serves up a tasty selection of food.

Frida’s menu will offer a tasty selection of traditional Mexican food to the more popular Mexican mainstays. There also is a more contemporary food selection on the menu from salmon to fish tacos.

Gutierrez says he chose Dearborn as the place to open his first restaurant because he was familiar with the area, as he earned his MBA at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

“I wanted to bring Southwest Mexican food closer to Dearborn,” said Gutierrez, who opened the restaurant with this mother, Laurdes. “I am doing this concept with my mother . . . So you can count on good homemade cooking.”

Gutierrez is no stranger to good Mexican food. He served as a general manager and administrator at a Mexican restaurant in southwest Detroit and also worked at the Hyatt Regency in Cancun, Mexico, as part of his food and beverage undergraduate study.

Gutierrez says he named the restaurant Frida’s after the famous Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, who was married to another famous Mexican artist with ties to Detroit, Diego Rivera.

“Frida Kahlo has some very couple famous paintings about Detroit and its Mexican culture,” Gutierrez said. “She has roots. We have five replicas of her art work in our restaurant.”

We wish Gutierrez and his new restaurant the best of luck in Dearborn. Hopefully they too will establish deep roots in our city. welcomes your views and encourages lively -- but civil -- discussions. Comments are unedited, but submissions reported as abusive may be removed.

22 Responses to “Frida Mexican Cuisine Now Open in West Dearborn”

  1. Donna Hay says:

    I would also like to wish them luck and I sure hope that they are not planning to use the picture you used to advertise their business.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Donna: we will update the photo. It was one from an earlier story.

  3. Craigggggers says:

    Yay! Heading there now

  4. 48124 says:

    nice!!!!!!!! and finally!!!…..carry out, here I come!

  5. Donna Hay says:

    They also deliver!

  6. Cornerstore says:

    We ate there last night. The food was very good. The refried beens were very flavorable and the best I have ever had. Ricardo and his sister were hospitable and charming. It is so good to at last have a new restaurant without Shawarma on the menu. Dont’ get me wrong, I like shawarma–but enough is enough We will definitely go back. Good Luck Ricardo!

  7. Deanna_ross says:

    My husband and I went to the resturant last night, and I think we are going to give it a year before we go back.:-(

    We realize that it was their first Friday night being open, but the food and service was just “meh.”

    We were seated quickly and given water…and waited, and waited, and waited (the resturant probably had about 5-6 tables with patrons)…and waited for a server to come and take our beverage order. Upon returning with our beverages she did take our dinner order and again we waited, waited, and waited (without munching on any yummy chips or salsa…other tables all around us had bowls and chips overflowing…we finally asked for some chips with our dinner…and we received a bowl with about 20 chips in it).

    I tried Fish Tacos for the first time and I thought they were tasty, but I was also starving at that point and never had tried fish tacos efore, so I really do not have anything to base my experience on.

    My husband had the Frida Combo Platter(?) and he said it was just “meh” and nothing special. He said nothing was too flavorful and it seemed like any other combo platter at any Mexican resturant.

    We did try dessert also (chips with cinnamon/honey/seasonal fruit (3 blackberries?).

    So, with that I think we will wait awhile before we go back. I really do hope that the resturant makes it. I think it would be a lovely addition to the area, but….I am a little remiss to try again anytime soon.

  8. hopeful says:

    Great News! It will be great to get Mexican food in DDWD! Sounds like it will be authentic too!

  9. hopeful says:

    Great News! It will be great to get Mexican food in DDWD! Sounds like it will be authentic too!

  10. hopeful says:

    Great News! It will be great to get Mexican food in DDWD! Sounds like it will be authentic too!

  11. Bkain1 says:

    i’m confused – goes to a clothing place?

  12. Bkain1 says:

    i’m confused – goes to a clothing place?

  13. Bkain1 says:

    i’m confused – goes to a clothing place?

  14. Reality Bites says:

    I tried this restaurant opening weekend. Every restaurant has flaws opening week, but my visit was extremely enjoyable. The service was a little slow- to be expected considering opening weekend. The food was delicious, my water glass never was empty, the salsa was fresh and the entree was plated nicely on handsome dinnerware. The food was authentic Mexican, with high quality ingredients and proper portions. The food tasted as if it was made with care and consequence. The decor blended nicely and the owner asked what we liked and where he could do better. I believe that this restaurant brings high quality Mexican food to Dearborn at an excellent value, this is great news for anyone seeking high quality food at affordable prices

  15. Bkain1 says:

    btw, talked to the owner last night, they will have beer,wine and tequila by December. lots of different kinds of tequila.

  16. Bkain1 says:

    okay, we’ve been there, for takeaway, 3 nights in a row and WOW are they fresh. seriously. the salsa has the freshest cilantro I’ve ever had in it. BRAVO!

  17. Packards1 says:

    We went there tonight and had a wonderful meal. The service was top notch and the portions were large. Two different salsas that were very good. Nice atmosphere. I will be back and I am going to try breakfast next time.

  18. megan says:

    it would be nice if they had a menu on-line so that i could order said carryout or delivery 🙁

  19. JP says:

    We have been there for brunch and thought the food was excellent. We will be back very soon, and are telling all our friends to give the place a try. Good luck Ricardo, we’ll be back very soon!

  20. Cynthia Vidal says:

    Congratulation, Ricardo and Familia!!!

    The restaurant looks beautiful, and after reading your reviews, you are, definately, an asset to the food industry. Miguel and I plan on taking a trip back to Michigan, just to dine at your “Frida’s”. We look forward to meeting you, and thank you, kindly, for your business.

    Cynthia Vidal

  21. Hooligan20 says:

    Mediocre at best — this includes the food, the service, and the decor which has hardly been changed since Annam closed. The furniture is the same, and even the hostess stand in the hallway. Los Amigos on Ford Road has much better food, is far cheaper, and has a full bar. The service is also unfailingly friendly and quick. I’ll be very surprised if this place lasts a year.

  22. Drestyl says:

    Was disappointed, as were 7 of my guests, that they wouldn’t deliver during the legends Michigan State game.